The First International Workshop
Wind Energy and Multi-Source Systems Management

26-28 September 2019,
Saidia, Morocco

The general purpose of this workshop is to get searchers, economists and practicing engineers from different fields relating to Wind Energy and Multi-Source Systems Management to exchange their knowledge and discuss their experience in the area of large-scale integration of wind power into power systems and Multi-Source Systems Management. The emphasis of this workshop is again on both theoretical discussion and practical applications.
The workshop concentrates its activities on research and discussion in the field of wind energy and hybrid systems to optimize the electrical energy produced and minimize the costs of implementation and use.

Contact Information

Mohamed Larbi ELHAFYANI

WorkShop Chairs

Prof. Smail ZOUGGAR, ESTO, Laboratory: LGEM- EEGSM, Mohammed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco
Prof. Mohamed Larbi ELHAFYANI : ENSAO, LGEM- EEGSM, Mohammed Premier University, Oujda, Morocco

Technical Program

TIDHAF Belkassem , ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Bekkay Hajji, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Abdelghani Elougli, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Jamal Bouchnaif, EST, Oujda, Morocco
Aziz Abdelhak, EST, Oujda, Morocco
Aboutni Rachid, EST, Oujda, Morocco
Anas Benselimane, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
El Mehdi Abdelmalek, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Yamini Khlifi, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Hassan ZAHBOUN, EST, Oujda, Morocco
Taoufik OUCHBEL, EST, Oujda, Morocco
A. RABHI, University of Picardie, France
Y.Zaidani, FSTM, Marrakech, Morocco
Smail ZOUGGAR, EST, Oujda, Morocco
Lotfi BAGHLI, Université Aboubekr Belkaid de Tlemcen, Algérie
Nacer Kouider M’SIRDI, LSIS, AMU, Marseille, France
Aziz Naamane, Polytech Marseille, France
belkhiri mohamed Université Amar Telidji de Laghouat, Algérie
B.Bossoufi, FS, Fez, Morocco
Driss Yousfi, ENSA, Oujda, Morocco
Koubaa Yassine, ENIS, Tunisie
ABID Hafedh, ENIS, Tunisie
EL OUARIACHI Mostafa, EST, Oujda, Morocco

Scope and Topics

Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Wind Power Systems
  • PV Power Systems
  • The hybrid renewable energy systems autonom
  • The hybrid renewable energy systems connected
  • Intelligent Control of a Distributed Energy Generation System
  • Energy management and Monitoring
  • Grid-connected power systems
  • Optimization of a Multi-source System with Renewable Energy
  • Storage of energy: batteries, fuel cells
  • Renewable Systems Interconnection
  • Modelling and Reliability Analysis of Multi-source Renewable Energy
  • Smart Grid and smart cities
  • systems of acquisition and supervision