International Workshop
Robotics & Artificiel Intelligence
and their Applications

26-28 September 2019,
Saidia, Morocco

The LSE2I laboratory within the National School of Applied Sciences Oujda (ENSAO) of Mohammed First University, organizes an international workshop on the theme of "Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and their Applications".
At a time when digital sciences are ubiquitous in our societies, the results of research and feedback of uses of robotics has become a major issue. Indeed, robots are currently visible in several areas such as health with humanoid robots to interact and give care to elderly people to assist in the stores or as drones in agriculture while they were confined to the cognitive / scientific and productive space of laboratories or factories. In parallel, scientists continue to explore other avenues: nanobots, brain implants, exoskeletons, etc.
This first edition of the International Workshop on Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and their Applications (RAIA'19) organized by the LSE2I laboratory at ENSAO will discuss the results of research in robotics and artificial intelligence and their applications. Especially the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality, augmented reality, serious games, drones, home automation, ....
Through presentations and exchanges, the day's objectives are to allow academic and industrial worlds to share scientific and technical elements and to discuss the technical challenges inherent to the widespread deployment of robots and their applications in the coming years. Major players from the world of research and industry will share their experiences and projects in these areas.
This open and collaborative workshop will be organized around conferences, round tables and demonstrations.

Contact Information


WorkShop Chairs

Toumi BOUCHENTOUF, Mohammed First University, ENSA-Oujda, Morocco
Jamal BERRICH, Mohammed First University, ENSA-Oujda, Morocco

Technical Program

Yves DEMAZEAU, CNRS - France
Amal EL FALLAH SEGHROUCHNI, LIP6 Sorbonne University - France
Mohammed ZAOUI, Collège de France - France
Abdelaziz LAWANI, Eastern Kentucky University - USA
Jose M. MOLINA LOPEZ, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Spain
Jesus GARCIA, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Spain
Daniel BORRAJO MILLAN, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid - Spain
Ferda OFLI, Qatar Computing Research Institute - Qatar
Hammadi NAIT-CHARIF, Bournemouth University - UK
Aladine CHETOUANI, University of Orleans - France
Mouhsine LAKHDISSI, FST Settat - Morocco
Mohammed RAMDANI, FST Mohammadia - Morocco
Mohammed ELKOUTBI, ENSIAS Rabat - Morocco
Moustafa BELKASMI, ENSIAS Rabat - Morocco
Mostafa AZIZI, EST Oujda - Morocco
Mimoun MOUSSAOUI, EST Oujda - Morocco
Abdelhamid BENAZZI, EST Oujda - Morocco
Miloud JAARA, FS Oujda – Morocco
Abdelhaq LAKHOUAJA, FS Oujda – Morocco
Mohammed RAHMOUN, ENSA Oujda – Morocco
Saida BELOUALI, ENSA Oujda – Morocco
Mohammed RAHMOUNE, ENSA Oujda – Morocco
Khalid HACHAMI, EST Oujda - Morocco
Mohammed BOUGHALEB, EST Oujda - Morocco

Scope and Topics

The themes of the workshop include the following topics and all other topics related to robotics, artificial intelligence and their applications:

  • Robotics Software Engineering New Horizon for Robot Audition Applications
  • Autonomous Farming Technologies and Agricultural Robotics
  • Robot Cooperation
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Robot Mechanism and Design
  • Robot Motion Analysis
  • Robot Motion Planning
  • Robot Motion Control
  • Robot Sensors and Actuators
  • Robot Vision Systems
  • Robot Speech Systems
  • Robot Learning
  • Service Robotics and interaction in complex environment
  • Robotics and medical applications
  • Robotics: Modelling, identification, and control
  • Robotics: Mechanical design and Mechatronics
  • Natural language processing
  • Automated reasoning and inference
  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Constraint processing
  • Constraint Satisfaction Problem
  • Heuristic search
  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Multi-agent Systems
  • Machine learning and data mining
  • Unsupervised, semi-supervised, and supervised Learning
  • Active learning
  • Transfer learning
  • Deep learning
  • Ethics and IA
  • Serious game